LEGO Derby


Below are the rules.  They wheels we are using, have a metal center block. 

Contact you Den Leader to obtain these wheels.

The official rules are:

A. Weight not to exceed 6.5 oz (Legos only, no weights added)
B. No alteration of wheels or axles
C. No use of graphite or other lubricants 
D. Cars cannot be longer than 7"
E. Car cannot be wider than 3.25"
F. Must have 3/8" clearance under the car so as to not rub on rails of track 
G. Cars cannot exceed 4" in height 
H. Only Legos or other similar building blocks can be used.
I. Lego characters can be used as long as they are fully secured to vehicle

A rule of thumb metric for the dimensions:
3.25" x 7" x 4" tall works out to 10 bumps wide, 22 bumps long, by 10 bricks tall.